Why Us

At Buildomaven, we believe infrastructure is the first step towards an enthralling journey in business. That’s why over the years our team has become the most trustworthy custodians of your infrastructure dream.

The carefully and eloquently selected project management and technical tools help us deliver your appetite.

1.BIMS ( Buidomaven Information Management System)

Our unique information management system  feeds all our patrons with round about data regarding the project progress, cash flow, contractor performance and all that comes by the way equipping  everyone from top  management down the line to trainee engineers on the enthralling journey that we have set off.

2. C I R (Client Information Right)

We believe informed customers pave way for dynamic project management. We leave no stone  in your premises go unnoticed.

Our men will get in touch with you with exact live feeds on development, cash flow and the nook and corner of your project will be monitored regularly.

But don’t hold on till we approach you, Ping your project coordinator anytime in the business hours to learn more about your venture.

3. STW (Show the Way by Buildomaven)

Our chauffeurs know to drive well. But sorry we go only the way you tell, because we believe we are here to show you all the ways that lead to your dream, the shortcuts too!!!!!.,

At Buildomaven  you  choose, we deliver. The highly client centric approach with the clients having a lion’s share making their ideas come true, gives us overwhelming results.

4. SQ policy (Safety and quality policy)

Our patrons having served in the most exhilarating and amazing workplaces in the world are too stringent on the two inevitable factors that mitigates risk at sites With access to the leading construction industry  markets that equips all our sites with state of the art safety and  quality systems  nothing can beat the way we become guardians of your  concern.

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